Dear Guardians of Children Grades 7-12,

On Wednesday, January 5th I will be taking all kids grades 7-12 to Harlowton to Wes Schenk’s
Leather Shop. We will be leaving right after lunch and returning to school before the school day
is over. Our next unit in art class will be leatherworking. We are starting it out with a trip to
Wes’s shop where he will show us several beginner steps to working with leather. He will be
holding a hands-on class for us where he will show us skills in stamping, staining, painting,
cutting, stitching, and lacing. Wes is an extremely talented leather maker who has been doing
his craft for several years. He is very well known around the state and we are so lucky to be
able to learn from him! We are all excited about this trip!

Thank you,

Miss Snider

Art Teacher at Ryegate School